The Embedded Rustacean Issue #5

Hello and welcome to the Embedded Rustacean! This newsletter is a bi-weekly curation of resources and a summary of everything happening around embedded Rust 🦀. This newsletter was started because of the belief in Rust as a programming language with all the traits 🧬 (pun intended) that prime it to become the future of software in embedded systems. We’re another issue closer to that vision.

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Special Announcement

🌟 Thrilled to introduce "Wired World: A Beginner's Guide to Embedded Electronic Interfaces"! 🎓 Explore the essentials of embedded systems electronics in an easy-to-understand way. Perfect for beginners and curious minds. Get your hands on it today!


Issue Highlights

🐧 New OpenWrt release with Rust package support
🍓 Raspberry Pi and Cambridge Launch Ada Computer Science Program
🧑‍💼 SiFive RISC-V Employee Layoffs
💻️ Nvidia to challenge Intel with PC chips
🚗 Foxconn and Nvidia building “AI factories”
👓️ Google and Qualcomm developing RISC-V Wearables


Quote of the Issue

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay


News & Article Roundup

A curation of embedded Rust-related news, articles, and posts

General Embedded News/Trends 📈 


Educational Resources

A curation of embedded Rust educational resources and tutorials

Rewrite it in Rust - Project Inspiration ✏️ 🦀 


Updates, Events, & Announcements

Updates & announcements from the community

Device and/or Framework Crate Updates 🚨 
Upcoming/New Learning Resources & Training 📚
Upcoming Events & Deadlines 🎭


Noteworthy Mentions

Existing resources, posts, hardware, and designs worth revisiting/mentioning

Noteworthy Hardware 🛠️ 
Noteworthy Repo or Crates 📦️ 
Noteworthy Post/Article/Interview 🖼️


Jobs & Adoption

Keeping track of companies involved with embedded Rust

The Embedded Rust Adoption Tracker 🧭

The number of entities that believe in a future involving Rust in embedded is continuously growing. Any new additions will be mentioned here. Meanwhile, click here to access the full list of entities known to adopt/use embedded Rust.

Jobs Postings 🏭

Contrary to common belief, many embedded job posts nowadays prefer some knowledge of Rust. Additionally, there is a good amount that requires Rust. The list captures some of the interesting opportunities out there but is not comprehensive by any means. Listings that appear in the newsletter will remain as long as they’re posted/open online.

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