Embedded Rust Adoption Tracking

Challenging the Status Quo

This post includes a curated list of entities known to use/adopt Rust for embedded applications, organized by industry. Feel free to email us for any further additions.


  • Ampere is an Electric Vehicles (EV) & software company, that designs, engineers, manufactures, and markets electric passenger cars under the Renault brand in Europe. It’s been made official in 2023 that Ampere has adopted Rust for their SDV platform.

  • OxidOS offers a Rust-based Secure Operating System and development tools for medium-size microcontrollers inside automotive ECUs, designed for safety-critical applications.

  • Veecle is a company that develops digitally equipped vehicles and offers software-defined vehicles on top of existing vehicle architectures. Veecle uses Rust to develop its in-vehicle software stack.

  • Volvo is using the Rust programming language to develop new software for its cars.

  • Accenture DACH / ESR Labs is a company that primarily focuses on automotive software solutions, including areas such as connected vehicles, autonomous driving, and embedded systems. They utilize Rust to enhance the safety, performance, and reliability of their software projects within the automotive domain.

  • SAE SAfEr Rust Task Force is a collaborative initiative within the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) that focuses on promoting the adoption and utilization of Rust in the automotive industry.

  • AUTOSAR Rust Working Group is responsible for investigating the use of the Rust programming language in the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. The group's tasks include developing guidance on how Rust can be used in the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, proposing coding guidelines for Rust and promoting the use of Rust in the automotive industry. Automotive members of AUTOSAR include Ford, GM, BMW, Bosch, Volkswagen, Toyota, among others.

  • Elektrobit is a leading global supplier of embedded and connected software solutions for the automotive industry. Elektrobit partnered with QNX to employ Rust as a means to enhance software reliability, security, and performance within automotive software development.

  • Blackberry QNX is a real-time operating system (RTOS) developed by BlackBerry, primarily used in embedded systems and critical applications, including automotive infotainment systems, in-car entertainment, and industrial automation. QNX, in partnership with Elektrobit, has been exploring its integration to develop more reliable and secure software components for its RTOS platform.

  • Polysync is a company that offers software solutions for autonomous vehicle development and testing. PolySync utilizes Rust to enhance the safety and reliability of its software platform for autonomous vehicles.

  • Sensirion used Rust to create an embedded demonstrator for Sensirion’s Particulate Matter Sensor.

  • Vector Informatik is a leading developer of software tools and components for the automotive industry and other sectors. The company specializes in networking electronic systems using serial bus systems such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and Ethernet. In June 2024, Vector announced its collaboration with HighTech to provide AUTOSAR classic integration support for application software written in Rust.


  • Gama Space is a company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for satellite and space technology applications. Gama specializes in the development of solar sails. Gama employs Rust to enhance the reliability and performance of software systems used in space missions.

  • N7 Space is a company engaged in aerospace activities, offering launch services and solutions for deploying payloads into space. N7 Space utilizes Rust for developing reliable and efficient software components within their aerospace projects.

  • Lechev.space is a space technology company focused on advancing space exploration and satellite technologies. lechev.space employs Rust to develop robust and secure software solutions for space missions and satellite operations.

  • Cryptosat is a company specializing in secure satellite communications and data protection solutions. Cryptosat employs Rust to develop secure and resilient software for satellite communication systems.

  • Airborne Engineering is a company specializing in aerospace and aviation solutions.

  • Fusion Engineering is a company specializing in reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use flight controllers for any type of multirotor drone. The highly regarded Mara Bos is one of the founders.

Consumer Electronics / IoT 📱

  • Google KataOS is an early exploration into a new secure operating system for embedded systems on open-source RISC-V chips written in Rust.

  • SmartThings is a platform developed by Samsung that enables users to create a smart home ecosystem by connecting and controlling various smart devices. SmartThings utilizes Rust to develop more secure and efficient firmware for their smart devices.

  • Kinetic creates wearable technology to reduce the incidence of workplace injuries. Kinetic uses Rust to develop its firmware.

  • Calyptech develops solutions to deliver a wireless last-mile seamless communication experience.

  • Dwelo (now Level) is a technology company specializing in smart apartment solutions that enhance the living experience in multifamily residential communities. Dwelo employs Rust to develop secure and efficient software components for their smart home systems.

  • Drouge IoT is a company focused on providing innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for various industries. Drouge IoT employs Rust to develop secure and efficient software components for their IoT devices and systems.

  • Matic is a consumer robotics company pioneering fully autonomous home robots. Their flagship product, Matic, is a smart floor-cleaning robot that uses photo-realistic vision with precise 3D mapping to provide a home with clean floors. Matic employs Rust for writing their intelligent robot software.

  • exein.io is developing the next generation of IoT-embedded cybersecurity. Part of their offering includes a runtime written in Rust to secure edge IoT devices.

Industrial 🏭️

  • 49nord is a technology company specializing in building innovative solutions for various industries. 49nord employs Rust to develop secure and high-performance software applications.

Security 🔐

  • Star Lab is a technology company specializing in providing advanced solutions for embedded systems and cybersecurity.

Semiconductor 🖥️

  • Espressif Systems is a renowned semiconductor company specializing in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. They are best known for their ESP8266 and ESP32 series of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled microcontrollers that have gained widespread popularity among IoT developers. Espressif has shown significant interest in the Rust programming language and has teams working on developing tools and contributing to libraries.

  • Infineon Technologies is a global semiconductor manufacturer known for producing a wide range of advanced semiconductors and system solutions. They focus on various industries, including automotive, industrial, and power management applications. In 2023, Infineon announced support for Rust on several microcontrollers.

Tooling 🧰

  • Hightec EDV Systeme is an open-source compiler vendor with a focus on embedded software. HighTec also offers design, training, and consulting services in several areas including functional safety and AUTOSAR. Hitech announced that they are joining the Rust Foundation in March 2023. Hightech started by developing a Rust compiler to enable Rust on Infineon microcontrollers.

Consulting & Services 🧑‍💼

  • Braun Embedded (GitHub) specializes in embedded systems development and consulting services. Braun Embedded also provides firmware development services for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers.

  • corrode (GitHub) is a custom Rust consulting and development firm.

  • Ferrous Systems (GitHub) specializes in providing engineering solutions and software development expertise, with a strong focus on the Rust programming language. Ferrous has had significant contributions to the Rust ecosystem including the rust-analyzer, and various embedded tools like probe-rs and defmt. Ferrous are also main contributors to the nrf-rs hal crates.

  • Tweede Golf is a software development company focused on creating safer software for digital infrastructure and pushing for Rust adoption by enabling companies to get started with Rust. Embedded Rust is one of their domains.

  • The KDAB Group is the leading software consulting, development, and training provider for Qt, C++ and 3D/OpenGL. KDAB has been working on creating safe bindings for Qt using Rust.

  • The Techno Creatives (GitHub) is a technology design house catering to automotive and other industries.

  • Bluewind Srl is a European consultancy specializing in the development of architectures, hardware, and software for embedded devices in the domain of Automotive and Industrial applications when Functional Safety and Cybersecurity are among the requirements. Bluewind is currently pivoting in the direction of a wide adoption of Rust, and partnering with major semiconductors and tools manufacturers in the definition of a shared strategy for this evolution.

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